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You guys, I did a thing. Many of you know I launched a podcast last month called The Whole Cake to go along with my author journey. I recorded, like, a ten minute intro pod for it and...haven't touched it since.

BUT I've been writing my book and doing a lot of work on shifting my doubts about whether or not I'm actually good enough to succeed. I came up with a series to share with others who might also have doubts or negative thoughts about writing their own novel. And so #RewritingTheAuthorMindset was born.

I actually added a page to my website a month ago and I'm happy to announce that part one of the series is now live! Recording it was fun and I hope it reaches people who might need that extra push to follow their creative dream.

It feels so good to finally get it out there. The past six weeks have been incredibly positive and inspiring and I'm so excited to see where this all takes me.


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