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My friends and I started a podcast last summer. It was born out of pandemic boredom and the fact that we're all mildly obsessed with the reality series 90 Day Fiance.


You haven't watched it?!?!

Do yourself a favor and find a few hours to indulge. It's magical. You can thank me later (and then listen to our podcast).


Fast forward to this week. As you guys know, I jumped head-first into reigniting my novel writing career. I've also been immersing myself into building my brand and just plain old getting inspired. The energy is flowing. The vibes are high. It's an amazing feeling.

Now that I'm the CEO of my career, I made the executive decision to start a companion podcast on my own, to chronicle this journey. It's going to be a lot of fun. I named it The Whole Cake, thumbing my nose at that old saying "you can't have your cake and eat it, too."

I call bull on that. You absolutely can. I'm going for the whole cake, slice by slice, layer by layer, to fulfill my goals. My debut episode drops soon. I would love it if you guys followed my journey on there as well. 💖

Thanks for indulging with me. LFG!

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